Director's Message


The extensive range of today's defense and security challenges, expanding on a daily basis around the world, require advanced technological responses and preparedness for tomorrow's threats. Creative, quickly readied, and operational solutions are needed to protect the homeland, its borders, and its defending forces against these varied threats.

Israel, dealing every day with the latest security issues, has developed some of the answers – created by advanced Israeli defense industries and based on the most stringent definitions coming from the IDF and other security forces.

The wide-ranging technological and operational experience gained by the industry is applied to an array of applications and military capabilities for para-military and civil defense.

Cooperation between governments and industries with the Israeli defense industries enables utilization of a rich body of knowledge, technological and operational experience, and a unique range of capabilities. The accumulated know-how gained by those industries significantly contributes to the ability of defense forces around the world to cope with the newest threats and their increased frequency.

SIBAT, the International Defense Cooperation Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense, is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of Israeli defense forces, the Israel defense industry, and our international partners. Therefore, it is able to assist, as an essential participant, in creating and enabling international governmental, industrial, and business cooperation with Israeli defense industries. SIBAT paves the way and facilitates this international cooperation through a variety of services and areas of expertise. 


The ability to tailor responses to needs in the most precise and effective manner – relying on the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the operational and technological environment – as well as the flexibility, creativity, and rapid response - is the uniqueness of SIBAT, and the essence of the powerful capabilities of the diverse Israeli defense industry.


It facilitates international cooperation through identifying opportunities, locating relevant technological solutions for specific requirements, establishing joint ventures, initiating visits by official delegations, and generating Government-to-Government agreements.


Through its dozens of professional MOD and Defense attachés, positioned around the world as well as in Israel, SIBAT maintains in-depth and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the defense world’s challenges, the Israel Defense Forces’ operational needs, and the Israeli defense industry’s capabilities.


Looking forward to our future cooperation and long-term partnership,


Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Mishel Ben Baruch

Director of SIBAT


SIBAT- Your Partner in Defense.




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