Military Inventory

 Israel's defense forces (IDF) are prepared for action to meet the challenges presented by any threat. Maintaining such readiness levels requires all weapon systems to undergo constant modernization and upgrading, in order to prolong their lifespan. Upholding such high level of readiness requires stocking large quantities of ammunition and spare parts, to ensure adequate logistic supplies required to support the combat forces in times of war.

When newer systems replace used ones that may still be valuable for others. Such systems are offered as military inventory. Recently, the IDF is phasing out earlier generations of weapon systems, releasing relatively advanced Aircraft, Helicopters, Main Battle Tanks and Naval Vessels. Those platforms are offered to friendly nations seeking to obtain such reliable, well-maintained military systems that can meet customer requirements.

These weapon systems and platforms can be exportable as Total Package Approch  including spare parts, maintenance, training and repair shops. All systems offered are combat proven and operated by the IDF. Most of the equipment has already been upgraded to  the use of modern combat environment. Within the full package provided, equipment can be purchased at its current status, or upgraded to meet the customer's requirements.

Another field of activity offered by the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Air Force are training services. Among these services are simulators and training systems related to all generations of F-16 - from A/B, C/D to the latest block 50/52 versions, and F-15 aircraft, UH-60 and CH-53 type helicopters. Training services are not limited to simulation - foreign air forces visiting Israel are offered combat training, using instrumented ranges that also serve developmental testing of various weapon systems.


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