P.O.Box 8220
Tel Aviv 6108102, Israel

Tel : +972-77-5354513
Fax : +972-72-2150087
E-mail :
Web site :

C.E.O: Mr. Tamir Porat

Design: Mr. Avihu Sivan

Design & Simulations: Mr. Gadi Dudler
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A leading industrial design studio specializing
in the defense sector, with a "One Stop Shop" approach from initial concept to final product.
Versia Military Design has more than 15 years
of experience specializing within a wide range
of areas such as small arms, vehicles, unmanned systems etc.

- Research: Market overview, cost feasibility, technologies, materials and processes, ergonomics, safety.
- Design concepts: 2D sketches and 3D CAD simulations, configuration, Material, finishes
and Colors.
- Models & prototypes: Virtual computerized prototyping, full size mock-ups, CNC, STL, LOM, RTV, MMI, UI and GUI.
- Engineering: Technology assessment, mechanical design, component Survey, DFM, production and assembly documentation.
- Marketing aides: Animated movies, graphic
& web design, print, exhibitions, 3D simulations, photography, promotional gifts.
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