P.O.Box 1011
Afula Elite 1855010, Israel
Alon Tavor Ind. Zone

Tel : +972-4-6408400
Fax : +972-4-6408401
E-mail : info@tal-and-Hadas.com
Web site : http://www.tal-and-Hadas.com

Mr. Eli Tayar

Project Manager:
Mrs. Zelevich Ornit
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Tal and Hadas. A privately owned Company established in 1982. We provide real time solutions according to customers' specific requirements. From the design of systems through development and testing to the manufacture of end products.
We design, manufacture and market for vehicle, railway, truck and military industries.
Our engineering department provides top-standard quality design, using error proof manufacturing methods.
Tal & Hadas Ltd. works in compliance with the TS16949 and ISO 9001 standards. The company holds international patents on many exclusive and innovative products, which have both military and civilian applications.
Our unique designs and over 25 years of experience with both military and transportation industries, allows us to supply customers with systems, "tailored" according to their requirements.
Our key costumers include: GM, VW, Siemens, IDF, General Dynamics.
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