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Transportation, Land, Maritime & aviation Security – Armored Vehicles, Blast mitigarion, Cockpit protection, Missile countermeasures, Security Vehicles, Urban Surveillance, railway security.

Industrial Security – Ballistic Glass, Ballistic walls, Blast Mitigation, Hazardous materials security, Pipeline Security.

Ballistic & Armor Protection – composite materials, protective eyewear, ballistic shields, helmets, protective visors, Bullet proof vests, lightweight Armor, transparent armor, ceramic armor, Mine protected vehicles, vehicles protections,

Access control – Alarms, Barriers, Ramps, Gates, Doors.

Civil defence, Emergency & Response – Dry Storage, Passive Ballistic Protection, Protected structures (Blast & Ballistic).

Explosives Ordnance & bomb Disposal (EOD – C – IED) – blast protection, ballistic protection – Shields Suites, boots. Blast Resistant containers.

Personal Gear – ballistic shields, Helmets & Helmets mounted accessories, Personal protection Vests, Textile products.
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