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Industrial Area 5
Karmiel 2161401, Israel
Tel : +972-4-9953903
Fax : +972-4-9953900
E-mail : info@opgal.com
Web site : http://www.opgal.com

President & C.E.O: Mr. Amit Mattatia
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Opgal's broad and varied line of Thermal Imaging and Near-Infrared Illumination products, applications and services for the security, defense, safety, aviation and mobile markets are designed to address all its customers' needs. Opgal’s field proven solutions are qualified to the strictest standards and have been deployed
in land, sea and air. From external ruggedized cameras to ready-to-integrate systems,
Opgal’s products provide optimum vision and improved situational awareness for today’s
24-hour all-weather battlefield environment.
Off-the-shelf border surveillance systems provide round-the-clock wide area scene awareness or close-up threat assessment. With more than 30 years of proven experience,
Opgal partners with leading OEMs and integrators, and works closely with their end users, to develop customized solutions addressing their specific requirements.
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