8 Har Nevo St.,
Ramat Hasharon 4722508, Israel

Tel : +972-3-5402403
Fax : +972-3-3-5490931
E-mail : mipha@mipha.co.il
Web site : http://www.mipha.co.il
President & C.E.O:
Mr. Michael Itzhar Belachovsky

V.P. Business Development and Legal Advisor:
Mr. Yair Itzhar Belachovsky

Professional Consultant in the field of Hi-Tech:
Mr. Eran (Dotan) Rosenberg
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- Homeland Security and Operations Consultancy
- Security & Surveillance Systems for Borders, Airports, Seaports, Safe & Secure City, Pipelines and Sensitive Installations
- Specialize in Intelligence and Law Enforcement Consultancy and Equipment
- Interception systems for all communication technologies, cellphone location tracking and data mining for government agencies
- Advance Intelligence Inference Systems
- Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance including on-site checks to detect eavesdropping
- Advanced Biometric Identification Systems
- Data Communications, Storage Security and Data Recovery
- GPS Tracking and Fleet Management

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