6 Ha'Choshlim St., 7th Floor
P.O.Box 12590
Herzliya 4672406, Israel

Tel : +972-9-9574377
Fax : +972-9-9574370
E-mail : ofer@mlm-protection.com
Web site : http://www.mlm-protection.com

C.O - C.E.O & Director: Mr. Ofer Bar

C.O - C.E.O & Director: Mr. Sharon Botzer
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M.L.M Protection is the leading providerof turn-key security solutions
and one of the few companies able to supply a high degree of services and professionalism in all areas of security and assault, in both the private and public sectors.
M.L.M Protection was founded by ex-Israeli security service personal, who have served In the Israeli
"Dignitary and delegation protection unit" of the Israeli "shen bet".
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