KiloLambda Technologies, Ltd.

22a Raoul Wallenberg St.,
Tel-Aviv 6971918, Israel

Tel : +972-3-6497662
Fax : +972-3-6497665
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President & CEO: Mr. Doron Nevo
Chief Scientist: Dr. Moshe Oron
VP Marketing: Ms. Karin Golding
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KiloLambda’s technology protects the human eye and expensive equipment against damage by destructive light sources, from sunlight to lasers, while improving the functionality of various optical systems. It can be applied on small surfaces, or implemented in optical sensors,
high-end communications devices and other light conducting applications. The inherent passivity and solid state reliability of KiloLambda’s solutions make them compatible with almost any IEC, MIL or other industry standard specifications.
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