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Yagur 3006500, Israel
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Fax : +972-4-8216396
E-mail :  info@iard.co.il
Web site : http://www.iard.co.il
C.E.O: Dr. Yossi Bushlin
C.T.O: Dr. Adam Devir
Director of Remote Sensing: Dr. Dan Sheffer
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Radiometry, E-O Systems
Design and construction of unique E-O instrumentation for accurate radiometric measurements. Design, performance and analysis of complicated radiometric field-tests.

Signature Control
Multispectral signatures management (measurement, evaluation, and development of suppression measures) for various platforms and installations.
Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation of Electro-optical systems. Image processing and algorithms development. Analysis and modeling of aero-optics and heat & mass transfer phenomena
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