IAI TAMAM DIVISION Systems Missiles & Space Group

P.O.Box 75
Industrial Zone
Yehud 5610001, Israel
Tel : +972-3-5315205
Fax : +972-3-5315140
E-mail : infotmm@iai.co.il
Web site : http://www.iai.co.il

General Manager: Mr. Shlomo Gold

Director of Marketing: Mr. Igal Mevorach
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TAMAM Division is an integral part of Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) Systems, Missiles and Space Group.
Since its foundation in 1964, TAMAM has been a leader in advanced electro-optical systems and inertial navigation technologies for use on air, land, sea and space platforms.
TAMAM leads advanced projects for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and other armed forces around the world.
Among the company's main products are day/night electro-optical systems for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs),
helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, ground and maritime applications - such as M-19, LOROS, MOSP, POP, MiniPOP, GTAS and MicroPOP.
TAMAM supplies an array of land and airborne inertial navigation and reference systems such as NFS, TMAPS, ADNAV, RNAV-IPON and TNL-16, competitively priced strapdown systems for tactical weapons and smart ordnance such as TRF-90 and TNF as well as guidance and reference systems for space platforms.
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