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Managing Director: Mr. Albrecht Fuchs

Export Director: Mr. Joachim Blind

Head of International Sales & Marketing:
Mr. Jehuda Fehlauer
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Beth-El is a major supplier for combined ventilation & NBC filtration systems as well as combined air conditioning, ventilation & NBC filtration systems, Engine Air cleaners, blast valves, fuel pumps and other subsystems.
Beth-El systems are installed in numerous platforms like the Merkava MBT, Namer APC, Piranha IIIC, Piranha V, Duro IIIP, Eagle IV, new Eagle, Dingo II, Boxer, VAB Mark II, Cobra, YAK and dozens of other vehicle types.
Systems for containers, tents, shelters and infrastructure are as well in the scope of the
Beth-El product line.
Some of the key features of Beth-El systems include: coarse and fine dust filtration; toxic shooting fumes filtration; CAN-bus control; compliance to all the important military standards, such as: NATO AEP-54,
MIL – PRF – 321387, AC 225 (PANEL VII) D/251, and German TL Standards, amongst other Standards.
Beth-El’s systems are in service with more than 60 armies worldwide.
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